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6IX9INE - Cummo (Parody)The Best Day EverHawaii Five-O Theme SongBouncy BouncySpongebobs SADSPAAAACEWe All Know That One StudentI Love Myself Even Though I Look Like A Burnt Chicken NuggetGagong Rapper - KabetDanny Phantom Theme SongHalloween Safety SongSuper Mario Bros Theme SongUndertale - Triple The ThreatSpongebob Coughing RemixTastes SexualT-T-T-T-TargetNo One Likes A NeggerEric We Dont Want You To DieTop 10 Most Amazing People In The WorldGasping CompilationBout To Beat My MeatErveeeCamila Cabello - HavanaYall Are Some Ignorant F*cking C*ntsNo God Please No - Remix CompilationAngry Birds Rap - Punyaso (Spanish)DuckTales Moon Theme RemixSpongebob Plankton - FUNUr Mom Giey HueheuhuehueGood Morning Tippity Top Kickers Lets Get This BreadSomebody Toucha My ASMRSharaX - TokyovaniaTIN - TickingF*cking Normies Trap RemixWelcome to RadioShackCareless Whisper (Trap Remix)NopeEnya - Only Time (Ear Rape)ERRORLOVANIAThe Amazing World of Gumball IntroZa WarudoRoadrunner Meep MeepTombstone Remix6x31910 Times Were ScaryYouTube SchmoWind 2018 (Like Rewind, But Schmo)WafflesAfroman - Because I Got HighMountin A RiverAdventure Time Ending ThemeScreamI Like TomatoesBanana BlanktapeYour Mom GaySpongebob - The Campfire Song SongMission Impossible Theme SongIm 3 Nearly 6PINY Institute of New YorkCamila Cabello - Havana Chicken CoverBye Lena Problems (Russian)Aloe Blacc - The ManLil Peep XXXTENTACION - Falling DownEngland Is ConfusingI Dont Like Where This Is GoingHappy Birthday PrincessMia Khalifa But With More ShrimpEarth Wind and Fire - September (Recorder)YTP - Coffee or Green TeaCrusha CowsFor One and All - Sofia the First Forever RoyalGet Out of My CarFunk Tank - Haters in DKilly - No Sad No Bad (Sheen Version)Lord Toot Toot ThemeFortnite OST - Summer Skirmish RemixCoda - Bloody StreamTiny Tim - Living in the SunlightAha - Take On MeWoomySpongebob, Youre A B*tch Ass N****Lets GoVictory ReeeOn My Own - Sofia the First Forever RoyalSans Battle - Stronger Than YouJackson 5 - ABCCant Spell Nutrition Without NutEnya - Only Airhorn MLG TributeJohnathan Pauline Chapman - TURN (Live)I Am The Beautiful Vegan MessiahWatch Me Whip Nae Nae (Spanish Version)Mmm Tator TotsI Wanna Be A Cowboy VineDr Phil - Shut The Hell Up B*tchSofia the First Theme SongPink Fluffy F*cking Unicorn Dancing on RainbowsWe Are Number One (Dubstep Remix)Stanley Clarke George Duke - Right by My SideLeft Foot Right FootBachman Turner Overdrive - You Aint Seen Nothing YetIts Everyday Bro (Spanish Version)I Am Sexually Attracted To FortniteRandy Newman - Youve Got a Friend In MeShaggy - It Wasnt MeWhy You Bully MeLion King YeetHonkYNW Melly - SuicidalRWBY Vol 7 IntroDanny Gonzales - DaddyPewdiepie - Mine All DayGET THAT MOTHERF*CKERHelpNuts﮳com RapFegelcitoI Am Ferdinand von AegirL-O-V-EPlayboi Carti - Kid Cudi (Ear Rape)SICKO MODE (Ear Rape)MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMerry ChryslerTitanic Theme (Ear Rape)Will Smith - YaaaaMarkass BrownieOk BoomerMy Disappointment Is Immeasurable And My Day Is RuinedPerfectly Balanced As All Things Should BeUh Oh Stinky (British Version)Uh Oh Stinky (African Version)Bed Squeak for 10 MinsCroutonMy PP ItchesToad SingingDOG WHISTLERap Battle OOOHHH!!!!!CBT, From Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaSkypeFNAF Ambianceyu are goin to succ this kak gudMagnolia Weather Alert SoundUSSR National Anthem (Ear Rape) ExtremeDestiny 2 - ForesakenGiant Enemy SpiderMoonman - Crank DatBUSTA WOLFNotSquidward WalkingSM64 Slider (but we are number one)Windows XPEminem - The Real Slim ShadyFemur Breaker ScreamSad BoiInteresting ManeuverMinecraft Cave SoundsXXXTENTACION - Jocelyn FloresBotW DeathBig Iron But Every Other Beat Is MissingBlonde Redhead - For The Damaged CodaFamily Guy Theme SongArizona Zervas - RoxanneAnu Cheeki Breeki Iv DamkeS Stands For SUKA BLYATLil Clotman - Hentai Girl 4 MeGang Torture Theme (Ear Rape)We Are Number One But It's SadShrekophoneSuper Mario 64 MegalovaniaDancin (Low Pitch)Vector﮳wavDanny Gonzales - Bad BoyMeme ScreamFallout Bad Karma NoiseWindows XP ShutDownSad Violin (Ear Rape)Minecraft Drinking HoneyBotW - Guardian ThemeGiant Enemy SpiderGod's Plan (Ear Rape)Go Crazy Go Stupid (Ear Rape)Tomodachi Lifetink t ink tinktinktinktinktinktink dun dun duun duun yooooooThe Meatball ManThe Secret FomulaNLE Choppa - CapoS﮳T﮳A﮳L﮳K﮳E﮳R Clear Sky - Bandit RadioHard Bass School - Narkotik KalKiller Bean Forever - Dance PartyMGS Suprised SoundWe Are Number One But Its TF2Oh These Are Pretty Cool BananasPink Guy - Meme MachineFNAF 2 HallwayLil Peep - Broken SmileSquidward Tentacles - 4 PlyF*ckin 7th GradeBig Iron (Fallout New Vegas)Travis Scott - Dicko ModeDame Tu Cosita MegalovaniaThis Is America (WunderWorld)Spooky Scary Skeletons (Bass Boosted)Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix)Uncle Samsonite (Outro)COD Zombies ScreamsThe Russian Dance MemeScotland The Brave (Ear Rape)House of Repute (Blowing Up City Meme)But My Hope Will Never DieDespacito IIFighting Gold (JoJo)Oi Josuke (Bootaro)Oi Josuke Want A Sprite CranberrySono Chino Sadame (But It's Perfectly Kazzo'd)Shrek AnthemLast Train Home (JoJo)Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate SonGiorno's Theme (Guitar)Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP - We No Speak AmericanoChicken Leg BisShawty Bad Wit The Sketcher ONDBZ Abridged Frieza's Misunderstood CallAli A Meme SongFive Finger FailPS2 F*CKING EXTREMEDaBaby - VIBEZPufferfish Eating CarrotXXXTENTACION - MoonlightTheFatRat - XenogenesisWeatherscan TrackKnocking SoundNLE Choppa - StepBoom Kitty - Power TripCoconut Mall (Ear RapeMogolovonio - UnderpantsZa Warudo (Ear Rape)Swedish-Chef: Popcorn ShrimpDry Hands (Minecraft)Luigi Casino (Mario Bros DS)Gay NoticedYa Sure Are HungSomebody Once Told Me The World Was MacaroniReady, Ready, Ready, ReadyGordon Ramsey Tips For The Big NightI JUST GOT A NINTENDO SWITCH (Ear Rape)You Son Of A B*tch Im InHe's Got A PointWe Are Number One (Minecraft Note Block Cover)FlyingKitty - This Is America 2Undertale - BonetrousleThe404Studios - Vape KingEra - AmenoEat The Poop (Play Bass Booster)Your MoooomFire AlarmStar Wars D-OVoixBrass - We Are Number OneNOAA Weather AlertAstroant - Insecure (KSuper Metroid - Mother Brain (Final Boss)What You Doing Out Here With All This AssDanganronpa 2 - Danganronpa Super MixZach Callison - Phantom LoveDial Up Internet20th Century Fox (Recorder)DIP DIP POTATO CHIPLynris - The Real Sugar BabyKermits Chicken SandwichKyary Pamyu Pamyu - PonponponXXXtentacion - $$$Juice WRLD - BanditCandyland But With Low QualityFamous Dex - Hoes Mad (Ear Rape)PP BoiExtra CwispyIm In The GhettoJohnny Cash - Big IronPolo G - Pop OutAll Star MEME REMIXNLE Choppa - Shotta Flow 2Caramell - CaramelldansenA Man Has Fallen Into The River In LEGO CityGreen LoversSoulja CirculationTHX Sound EffectEminem - GodzillaLil Skies - Red RosesThe Cops a ProstituteKFC $20 Fill UpsSpongebob - Seaweed (Ear Rape)Smash Mouth - All Star (Bass Boosted)Brook Nicked The CallMeCarson MemeDoja Cat - CandyCount Dankula - Nations of the WorldOld Stone GloveTay-K - The RaceLil Barnacle - P*rnPOI - Dick in the BoxiPhone Ringtone (Ear Rape)Doja Cat - JuicyElmer Fudpucker - Damn DOTDustTale - Mad Time TrioGorillaz - Saturnz BarzGiant Enemy SpiderIndian Moonlight (Parody)Lil Tecca - RansomT3R Elemento- En Boca De TodosZkurveny ŽebrakTeam Four Star - Super SaiyanThanos BeatboxRucka Rucka Ali - Because I'm WhiteArms of the AngelThe Cuss Word SongAqua - Barbie GirlCrazy Frog - Axel FMC Virgins - Anime ThighsShotgun Willy - Master SwordThe Cox Gay ParodyPanjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke (Ear Rape)Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun (Ear Rape)It's Hip to Fck BeesBloody Stream KazooMaterMeme - Blonde BoyzLil Ricefeild - Trapanese047 - Ping PongFive Nights At Freddy's - The Living Tombstone645AR - 4 Da TrapTerraria PlanteraEe UrrCornDoorbellWeed EngineDJ Blyatman - How We PartyBatta - ChaseMeow Meow NAutistic ChildXXXTentacion - Infinity (888)The Bomb Has Been PlantedLords of the Underground - Chief RockaDoofenshmirtz CBTDJ Splash Drip - Booty on My MindPitbull - Don't Stop the PartyBurl Ives - Holly Jolly ChristmasBolt Says The N WordHidden CBTEcht - Weinst DuIndian RansomThey Killed KennyNinja You're AdoptedWhy We Going So FastDestroidTeam Clutch - HomoFlowBig Smoke Cheese RaceAlec Benjamin - Water FountainDJ Khaled - Do You Know It Costs Money To Eat FoodDrop The BassBassjackers & Makj - DerpJacksepticeye - All The WayMASN - Pysco!Led Zeppelin - Rock And RollQuackOofed UpKono Dio DaReeeeWaterflame - EndgameDonald Trump Creeper Aww ManAlternative AccountsSix Feet Under - Seed of FilthDoofenshmirtz After HoursEntoma SpeechBill Wurtz - What is LoveOh N****Undertale - The World RevolvingGo Crazy (Earrape)Get NoobOh Hell NawAK-47 SoundBack Once AgainCorona VirusCorona Virus (Ear Rape)Cantina Band Star WarsOh No I Got A DiseaseFrozen F It AllAlbert ScreamingWe Are Number One Played Really Badly6IX9INE - GOOBAJackspedicey 2Coffin Dance (Minecraft Note Block Version)ErectionHello Neighbor TV Sound (Alpha 1 & 2)Desembra - Get BlazedXXXTENTACION - PROUDCATOWNERJojo Siwa Boomerang (Ear Rape)Wii Sports RemixEevee SoundsHello Neighbor Death SoundSannessSMG4 Outro SongF*ckingF*ck YouAND IIIIIIIIIIIIIII'm All Out of GumWhat Are You Doing With Your LifeZa Hando DaMUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDAXXXTENTACION - Shining Like The North StarSoup - Gucci BeltYour Favorite Martian - Tig Ol BittiesBallsnifferJames Bond ThemeA Todo OjeteEggman RantAnother F*g Joined The ChatPearlTheFatRat - The CallingJabatedAww Son of JesusBaha Men - Who Let The Dogs OutNo It Wont Be About CornWTF DamageFartLily Allen - F*ck YouTobu - CandylandBoulevard of Broken Dreams (Beat Box)Ill Take Your Entire StockYou Know What I Give Up Good ByeIndeedThe Backyardigans Theme SongWeird Al - Everything You Know Is WrongJcameraThe NegachinJuice WRLD - Come and Go Juice WRLD - ConversationsNirvana - Smells Like Teen SpiritI Want To Know Where My Wood IsDiscord PackingTrenchboyGlizzy GobblersNoodles Can't Be Beat (Earrape)ResurrectionsFamily Guy Rice Cakes (Ear Rape)CricketsDefy the Legends - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DXWitches BrewClarx - Zig ZagIndiana Jones Theme SongParry Gripp - Its Raining TacosUm Chile Anyways So6ix9ine - GoobaKero Kero Bonito - I'd Rather SleepLil Uzi Vert - Mission To The LootMario and Luigi Superstar Saga - Popples ThemeIm Here FckersWasakin Natin Ang GabiDistraction DanceI Like Your Cut GSporg Dig SelvRune of SeptemberC418 - Minecraft (Ear Rape) Ear Rape 2UnluckyHereColdplay - Viva La Vida21 Savage - Steppin On Nas21 Savage - RunninTobu - Candyland (Low Quality)Anime WowMario Game OverSM64 Slider (Shawtys Like a Melody)Everybody ChillScheming WeaselBob The Builder ThemeTale of the Meatball ManYungeen Ace - Step HarderTheOdd1sOut - Good PersonBaybe Tone - Gass Talk 3Skibidibop Mm DadaLouisPootisWhat Did He SayyIts The China CountdownStop The CapIm About to BustThe Lion Sleeps Tonight But AwkwardIll Break Your Fcking Legs


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The website was updated, why didn't my sound get approved?

I'm a bad coder. The upload feature might not work on your computer for what ever reason and I don't know how to fix it. Or you uploaded a sound that's already on here. Or maybe I was just lazy.